Content Submission Guidelines

Interested in sharing your area of expertise with a group of people who are always looking for new ways to improve their green efforts? Please read the following information for details on how you can submit your content for consideration on

What We Do and Don’t Publish

We are always looking for content submissions that can help to teach our members and blog readers something new and interesting about the eco-movement. It is important that the content we share does have a tie back to what we do or the industry we work within, so please keep that in mind when submitting ideas.

Please also make sure that the work you submit is original. We do check – and if it’s not original, it’s not accepted.

We don’t accept articles that appear to be link-building schemes, are overly promotional or do not fit into the overall content strategy of our site.

We reserve the right to edit submitted content as needed.

Content Guidelines

  • Please make sure you are submitting original content. We will not be able to accept anything that has already been published elsewhere.
  • Articles should include proper attribution, including links to references when possible.
  • Links to your site are OK, but please only include one per article.

The tone of the article matters. Please read a few of our past posts to get a feel for how we communicate with our audience.

Process for Submissions

Content Submission Guidelines
Submit your topic, alongwith a brief description of what the piece will cover. It’s always nice to have a few ideas to review, so feel free to share more than one topic when you submit!
Content Submission Guidelines
Our team will review your submission and be in touch if it’s a good fit. Once we reach out, we can discuss content due dates and publishing dates.
Content Submission Guidelines
Once your article is ready, please submit it as a Word document. Be sure to include the following:
A. Headline copy, any links with an indication of the words that should be linked
B. Images that should be included (please be sure that you either own these images or that they are approved for sharing)
C. Your bio and a photo, and your social media handles.
Content Submission Guidelines
Once edited, published and shared, we will alert you so you can also share via your site/social handles. We do require that you link back to us via your site or social media channels once the post goes live.

Unfortunately, we can’t respond to every submission. If your article is suitable, our editorial team will be in touch with you directly.